Thursday, December 15, 2016

A random love note.

Just over a year ago, I told Saurabh, my now business partner, that we can open the store under two conditions. One is that it’s entirely his responsibility to operate and I will just give him the artworks and product direction. Two, that it’s purely a test run and that we’re going to be closing it in February, right after Valentines Day, which I figured is the last real ‘festive’ day post the season. February came and went and Saurabh convinced me to keep the store open, I also got a lot more work to do than just ‘send artworks’ and I truly didn’t know how it was possible then, but I just got a lot more happier. (maybe also a lot more tired). A lot more smiles for a few more dark circles is great barter deal, I reckon. 

Today I went to see the ‘office space’ we’re renovating. An office. Me. An office. The first time I went there, which was just a week and a bit ago, I got a mild attack of ‘what the hell am I doing taking on this much responsibility’ but I comforted myself know I’m following my rule of always doing things that make me mildly uncomfortable, because then I know I’m doing something new and different. This works because I have a very ‘loves-routine’ sort of personality and here’s where I can be the only person to admit that I always wanted a 9-5 growing up. Sigh! 

So, coming back, I went to the office and Saurabh had saved a bunch of notes from customers. Beautiful, handwritten, loving notes. My eyes may not have shed tears but my heart actually melted. You know that extreme love you feel when you see a puppy playing with another and you, kind of, just want to die because god! how am I living after seeing this cuteness! No? Am I the only one with these extreme feelings? (I’ve been told yes, I’m the only one, but I forbid to think that I am) Anyway, the notes are on my desk now and I realise everyone even taking a second to see my work, is everything to me. Everyday is a birthday celebration with the niceness that you’ll shower, even thorough sometimes crappy courier service, late deliveries, unanswered calls. So much niceness! I feel like maybe the newspapers got it all wrong. Life is truly beautiful and the world does have so much of heaven!

I don’t know where I was going with this but I feel a bit too loved. Always more than I feel I deserve and I just felt like saying thank you randomly. So, well, thank you. 

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