Location: Bangalore, India

Email: alicia(dot)souza(at)

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Snapchat: alicia.souza1


  1. Hello Alicia
    This is to tell you that you inspire me a lot. Keep spreading positivity like this !

  2. I follow you everywhere ( creepy no ? ) i meant your artworks .. keep inspiring :)

  3. HELLO Alicia,
    I am one of great fans. Earlier, whenever I emailed you, you always replied me. But now, you don't. I think you hate me. If this is the fact, please let me know my mistake. I will try my best to rectify it.

    1. Awww..I'm so sorry! I try replying as often as possible! But with five platforms now (mail, blog, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat), it's become a little hard on my schedule to reply to every mail. I hope you understand :* Big hug and thank you!

  4. Hi...want to meet you is it possible.
    I follow your page on instagram.big fan of yours.My humble request.

  5. Hi Alicia,
    I like your illustrations a lot.... you are my inspiration what should i do to become like you?

  6. Hi Alicia, thank you for your art that is such a respite from the troubled world we live in. Here is a short jingle video that I composed and directed for the Welfare of Stry Dogs, an NGO in Mumbai that takes care of our furry friends on the streets! Do share the love so that we can encourage people to adopt strays in whatever capacity!