Monday, November 28, 2016

Ask Alicia: Analysis Paralysis

Email from Pooja: 

Dearest Alicia,

I am really struggling hard here to introduce myself to you! But here it goes...
I am a doctoral student who loves drawing doodles more than counting electrons. It has always been the same way, I have been married to chemistry at an awefully young age but have been in an extra marital affair with doodling and sketching all this while. But with PhD, its like my mind is supposed to be pregnant with all this molecular crap and I am not ready for it!

I forever imagined being an artist and at the same time have been continuously scared to embark upon a career known for being mischieviously unsteady. But from where I am standing with my PhD right now, I have whole new definitions for what can be called risky. 

If I decide quitting my PhD right now, how could I explore this field of my love. What qualities would you say stuck by your side while your career shaped up?

Thanks a lot for listening!
Convey my kisses to Henry oats!
With lots of love,
One of you million fans,


Hello Pooja, 
Lovely to meet you:) 
I’m so impressed with your journey already! 
Getting right to your question, when I think back about when I started, I think the quality that really proved useful and is probably the only one I can pat myself on the back for, is being diligent. Regardless of how awful I felt, how low my bank balance was, how overwhelming starting out can be, just sticking through and putting as much effort as one would in doing what you love, can shower miracles. 
I read ages ago about this illustrator who specialised in scientific illustrations and her story was super interesting. I can’t recall the artist’s name but I remember reading about how she was a scientist but really just loved drawing so she ended up being an illustrator for science journals and books because it needed that sort of knowledge as well. I thought it was a great match of knowledge and skill and maybe something that you could do as well, if it interests you!
I wrote recently to another lovely person about starting out here, that I hope may be useful too. 
All the best Pooja! I’m sure you’ll be fantastic, no matter what direction you go:)


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