Monday, September 25, 2017

Ask Alicia: 3 way street

Email from A:

…So basically I was working at a company which I recently quit and now sitting at home doing freelance isnt as great as it was to do it on the side along with my steady job. 

And I realised i like being around people while working...need activity and some noise around me. 
But right now I am in a confused state of mind whether to start something of my own or still apply and look for jobs because I want more exposure( i have worked only for a year after graduating).

Because starting up requires a plan and money to run it which I thought i would do along side a steady job where I can save a little every month to put into my business.

Another thought from parents is that I do post graduation and then get a good job outside.

I am basically now stuck in a situation where i have 3 doors to open and I don't know which one to choose.


Dear A,

So there are many many routes to reach one destination and that’s what so great about..I guess, life! It’s great that you realised what works for you and what doesn’t as that’s really important. There are ways to be a freelancer and have the niceness of white noise with co-working spaces. Many have popped up around the city and have great reviews. Though I personally love the ultra quietness or loud country music (that is pretty much unacceptable in any workspace haha), a co-working space  could be a solution if you love every other aspect of freelancing. 

Starting something of your own does needs a bit of an investment, and a plan. Initially, unless you have a partner, you’ll still be working at alone. I’m a little unsure when you say start something of your own, do you mean a service-based company or product? Because for service-based, time will pretty much be your biggest investment. 

A steady job would help if you want to start a company that requires an investment but making time to work on the side on the ‘bigger picture’ is hard when one has a full-time job. It can work but this is a matter of what kind of job and where. If you can make it happen, then this is your best bet! It’s less risky because you get to meet more people (given that your job allows that), earn for an investment, and build up what you want slowly and steadily until it takes over completely and you can seamlessly shift into your own space. 

I’m always weary of suggesting post graduation as unless it’s something you really ‘need’ to study, it’s just a framed print and time away from getting real experience in the work space that is worth, usually, a lot more. Having said that, it’s a personal call because sometimes that break is something you need for yourself and that community of students is what you crave. 

Anyway, I hope this helps. I know I didn’t give you one solid answer because I think only you can pick the path that calls you the strongest. But, pick one not based on what’s the least scary but the one that could bring about the best outcome and happiness. 

All the best!



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