Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas and calendars.

It's only one day in the year but I sometimes feel like I spend the entire year just waiting for December to have that cosy Christmasy feeling and play Christmas carols all day long without a tinge of guilt. To the point where New Years hence turns into the evil day that ruins it all, by changing the mood of festivities and ending it all abruptly. And this year's Christmas seemed to run at Bolt speed. Well, only 362 days left now!

But on a grateful note, the New Year's calendar is here!! Hoorah!
This year the calendar revolves around 'Letting go'. While you colour, you can let go of those little things that nag you- that silly insult someone said to you when you were a little girl or the game your team lost because you failed to catch the ball. Give yourself a colourful chance at being one step closer to a freeer you!

Your colour-in 'Let Go' calendar here!

I coloured in the 'Fear of Change' one because though my life revolves around change, I'm a little nervous about next year already threatening to turn my life upside down. In a good way but a scary way. I cheated and coloured in a random month though:)


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