Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Potato, the guinea pig

Yesterday morning I got up to a mail telling me of Potato's demise.

Potato was the guinea pig I decided to keep when I was living in Melbourne. She was the quite one in a cage full of other hyper guinea pigs. And she was indeed, Potato-like. She was the love of my life and was with me for two years before I decided to move to Bangalore. I tried everything, calling the airlines (who just could not comprehend the creature itself-'you mean a pig/rat?' they asked) to pet-moving services (sadly only catered to a list of usual house pets). Bill Wood is one of my closest friends and mentor, if you may. He took over as parent and was the best daddy she could have asked for. Though Potato was more quite than most guinea pigs, she was more affectionate. I know this because I had guinea pigs growing up too. Bill, till her final days, sent me photo updates and a few video updates of her very obviously, happy life. Potato passed away yesterday and Bill, thank you for being the most wonderful friend and pet-parent. You're the best. Potato, my darling girl, you will be missed.

I just found this obviously obsessed-with-her blog I made for her then. Oh, Potato.


  1. Al, Beautifully Captured All The Moments ! :)
    RIP Potato !
    Your cuteness will be missed.

  2. Hello there! How are you? It's quite fantastic that you've provided us with such an interesting article. Please keep sharing and God bless!!