Friday, June 12, 2015

Just Leh'ing around.

Today my housemate left town for Ladhak. Two years back, a bunch of us did the whole Ladhak-Leh trip. To be honest, my memories only include talking about bowel movements, eating copious amounts of chocolate (as an excuse for extra energy), and losing the awkwardness of peeing in public (there are literally NO loos and you're advised to do so. self-respect: zero). Ofcourse I don't need to talk about how pretty the place was but I CAN talk about how all the animals are all extra fuzzy because of the cold. SO DARN CUTE, I could barely handle it. The cows were fuzzy, the dogs were fuzzy and I believe that in a winter, even the stones may sprout a few hairs.

I wrote about the trip in my old blog that is lost, and since I've forgotten everything, I'm just going to throw in some Ladhak & Leh photos from then, which even I've forgotten about.

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