Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brain note.

What I'm doing right now and why I feel like I need to employ my shadow.
1) Illustrating one big project
2) Pitching (more like figuring out a financial solution) for one big project.
3) Have 3 sketchbooks to ink beside me
4) Have 6 images to colour this morning.
5) Have a meeting at 12.
6) Have one book on Kindle to finish that is fabulous (Drinking:a Love story)
7) One book that's taken me more than a few months to finish, though is even more fabulous (Happiness Hypothesis)
8) Invoices to draft.
9) One online course in Child Psychology in progress
10) One online course on learning to use the DSLR in progress (refresher. and my phone camera conked)
11) Need to meet the printer.
12) 10pm double-date-movie and dinner night. (yay!)
12) Need to groom, desperately. (haha <- nervous laugh)
13) Have to stop by the post office.
14) Fix phone.
That's it for today, I think. Atleast I don't have to make dinner.
(I make lists of things that are worrying me so I can rid of them in my brain once I have it on paper. It works like a charm!)


  1. Clever.
    I email my to do list to a dear friend in Germany. Poor Christof has to grin and bear my rants about the twins, my daughter, hubby, house chores, work, cooking and not enough time to paint and embroider. But its therapeutic in a strange way. Cheers!

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