Monday, March 2, 2015

Ingrate's item

Many moons ago, when I was trying so desperately to do my folio with my brother's hand-me-down computer, with a RAM of 256MB, I remember telling myself that one day when I upgrade to 512 MB, I would be proud that I stuck through the horror of clicking 'save' and then making a cup of tea and coming back to see it's '70% saved'. A decade later, with a computer that's over 10 times faster, I reminded myself, when I was impatiently grumbling at that swirly rainbow loading ball, that the rest of the world and I call 'the pinwheel of death', that I should be grateful. My former self would have smiled on the future me and said 'don't be a bloody ingrate'. So I smiled, and wrote this little hateful-grateful note.

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