Monday, March 9, 2015

Dear Me

Today I wrote a letter from me to me. I thought I had more to say but the minute my pencil came to the paper, I could only write a page. I remember having this problem when I was little too and was writing diary entries. My thoughts moved way faster than my pen, like I'm imagining most peoples do, and I could never remember what I wanted to say and that frustrated me endlessly. Then I moved onto, sadly, the computer. I could type as fast as I could speak and that made it easier.
Anyway, this letter will be for me to open in 5 years, so if I write one every year, in five years, it will be a cycle of opening and writing. That would be nice. Scary to think-five years! I don't even want to mention where I could be or what I could be doing. It spooks me! (also secretly excites!)

1 comment:

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