Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ask Alicia: Digitisations and drawings

There are few things I consider an extension of me, and if you asked me about a decade ago, Photoshop definitely wouldn’t have been one of them. I adore Photoshop and use it on a daily basis and (a few over-users of photoshop will understand me) I sometimes think in Photoshop. Like masking parts of my work or apple+e (merge) all weekdays into one get the drift 😬.
Anyway, starting out on software was harder back then than it is now. I started transitioning because I needed to get my illustrations digital, be it for a college project or just to put on my blog I had then. So that’s where my first, and only, scanner came in. From there it just graduated from to using Photoshop to make scans look better, then to colour, then to use in projects and print, then for work and now for everything.

I truly think the amount of digitisation one wants for their drawings is purely personal but ultimately, it almost always HAS to end up as a soft copy if a drawing needs to be ‘used’ commercially. If not, then it’s your call! That’s the beauty. I never completely transitioned to digital because I adore hearing the sound a pencil makes on paper. That scratching sound is one of my living pleasures.

There are certain things I do only digitally. This happened only recently when I started using the iPad Pro and the Apple pencil. I love it and it's one of the few instances where I am completely digitally drawing.

That’s about it!
Thank you! and I hope I answered your question. This would be a very trail-y note with no purpose if not 😛



  1. It was in my head for a long time... Jus wanted to ask why Photoshop and not illustrator??? I thought illustrator had best option...(correct me if I am wrong)...

    1. Photoshop and Illustrator are both fantastic softwares but have different rendering styles, in a way. Photoshop is more of an editing software and works with raster files. This works for me because I draw on paper first and then get it on the computer. I love the texture of hand drawn lines! Illustrator needs a bit of recreation but has it's own plus points, like the fact that it's vector-based and has no hiccups with resolution. I think it's ultimately a personal love for one's process though it's super useful to know both the softwares and work with them enough. :)

  2. Which photoshop application are you using???

  3. Alicia, I just wanted to learn calligraphy.I just loved it, when you were writing over Henry's home plate recently in one of your Instagram stories.May I know from where you have learnt calligraphy, I too wanted to learn the same :)

    1. I kind of just picked it up. I don't do much traditional calligraphy but more script..There is a nice book called Modern Calligraphy that I got my hands on, that may be useful:)

  4. Hi Alicia
    You show a lot of your illustrations on iPad pro. How to do you get your sketches on iPad first of all ? I see lot of rough pencil sketches in your illustrations on top of which you run your stylus.

  5. Hey Alicia :)
    I love your work, and it helps me think differently when i draw. I was wondering what course did you pursue while you were in college.

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