Thursday, April 13, 2017

A thank you.

If you told me a year back that I would be juggling a company, freelancing and still (kinda) leading a rather otherwise productive & normally social life, I would have told you to keep quiet and get me some chips. If you told me two years ago that I would love Instagram, enjoy posting and have a family of 60K people, I would have told you to go away but get me some more chips. And if you told me this little company would, in just over a year, hit it’s 5000th order, have an employee, a few contracts and steal hearts, I would have kicked you out to start a chips shop for me. And here I am, chip-less, with all of the above, drenched with love and happiness with the goodness that has passed my way. I don’t even know how to be more grateful so I can only do it with a gigantic big hug to the universe and love to every single one of you. For your kind words daily, the loving mails that truly bring a tear to my eyes, my team who support me through my stubbornness, and for making this possible! I never dreamt of any of this, so I'm kind of floored that I am this blest. I love you guys to the stars and back!

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