Friday, August 12, 2016

Vaha Maha Lakshmi

I cannot remember what religious festival it was but I remember I had drawn Ganesha. He’s probably the happiest Hindu god to draw! Once I published it, I got the loveliest comments for it but one not-so-happy mail. I responded with apologies and more importantly, reasons. I didn’t want to make an error again. Why was he upset? What did he not like? I never got a response which, kind of, made it all the more worrisome every time I put out drawings for religious events.

Everyone on Facebook and Instagram was so very kind helping me out with the details that I would have spent hours researching. I truly appreciate it! You guys are the best!

At the bottom is a link to a jpg that you can download, print and use for free!
May you truly be blest with gold-plated happiness and mountains of health!

Oh! because I get asked all the time: I use a Pentel brush pen with the cheapest ink I can find at the local stationary store. I think I'm using student-grade Camlin at the moment.

Maha Lakshmi illustration

Download here.


  1. Ohhh yay! Thank you so much! Remember for that one person that didn't like it, there's the rest of us that will love it! May we see happy Ganesha? Link please :)

  2. This is absolutely adorable and so pretty! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work! :)

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  4. Thank you for making this a free download, Alicia. We, at have used your image for our article today. Much gratitude :)

    (Please let us know if you want us to take it down.)

  5. You are truly talented! With a good sense of humor! Continue the best work you are doing! As they say now a days.. this is dope! And u r lit !😘😄

  6. Wow Alicia...I was expecting a good one but you always go beyond the expectation...thanks for the free download...All the best...

  7. Very nice.. keep up the good work

  8. Thank you so much! my mom will love this for Diwali!
    And your art is amazing as always! There will always be that one person who'll find faults even if there aren't.
    I would love to see a Ganesha from you.. your artstyle combined with his cuteness would be so adorable!

  9. Thank you so much Alicia.My daughter had tried ur drawing.U r extremely talented.