Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My day today.

Today is a day for gratefulness. I started this day with a yearn for more sleep, anxious worry about bits and bobs left to do and a looming deadline that is meant to be the opening of the store. I worried and then worried that I didn't worry enough. And then it opened.

I'm overwhelmed by the loveliness that is the internet and the beautiful people using it. Ecstatic that I have support from beautiful strangers who encourage me about what I love to do. Being thanked for doing what you love to do! I'm truly blest!

My first day almost down and the sales have exceeded even my furtherest imagination and I'm crossing fingers it stays just like that! I had two calls with a journalists, whom when I related the story of my journey, I felt like I was one of the lucky ones. And that hard work also pays off. Worked till about ten minutes ago, because hey, I work hard doing what I love!

Here's to an eventful tomorrow!


  1. Hey..Following you since you have just started and love you and your imaginative crazy drawings.I love evry bit of it.I really wish to be part of this beautiful work..Please let me know how I can be a part of it as I want to contribute through my creative and crazy imaginations to the characters in your drawings..

  2. "I started this day with a yearn for more sleep" I understand this because I am in the same situation as you. But what I want most is to continue learning what I like, including drawing. I wish I could not need sleep to fulfill my dreams, but my health really does not allow that and time is not much in a lifetime Sonic exe. That is my biggest regret.

  3. Until now, even though I don't have much time, I still continue to do my favorite work. We need passion. It will help us feel that every new day is a joy.