Wednesday, September 2, 2015

One of those busy days.

The world's been on my shoulders with a days to-do-list that can be compiled in a book. It's all good though, everything's (kind of) on track and there's surprise work on my fingertips. Itching to begin things so bad! It's been busy for everyone I guess. My housemate, Anu, is back in town and there are days like today, when she works from home, and our house is a little factory of ideas. Sometimes though, I suddenly realise that the only noise from the two of us sitting at either end of the same room is the harsh quick taps on the keyboard and Charlie breathing. The intensity can be cut with a knife.
Then we call each other out, make pizza and watch a terrible episode of a trashy tv show only to end up talking and not realising the show concluded amidst our conversation about love, love and business.