Friday, June 19, 2015

The Cookie & Leo collection.

We were still thinking about what to name the collection when the samples of collars, harnesses and leashes arrived. And the first thought that came to mind was how adorable the pink one would have looked on Cookie-Brown. She was such a pink-wearer, that girl. Rashi lost her doggie Leo a bit back too and together 'the Cookie & Leo collection' just sounded right.
I had the most fun working on this and I've been looking forward to seeing these in product form since my pencil touched paper. And here it is! Charlie is officially the most posey dog and I've been told from a lot of friends lately, that he seems to be prancing and not walking. I'm not even remotely surprised. He does that when people are watching.
HUFT has been darling enough to provide all buyers a discount code of 15% off for the new collection. Enter at checkout: WITHLOVE
CLICK HERE to see the collection.


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