Monday, June 29, 2015

On learning.

I tend to try and be learning something all the time. The keyword here is 'try'. A course, a skill, a subject, a hard dish, a routine. I did succeed a number of times but there were also a number of times I proved myself with all the enthusiasm required and then let it go. I stopped going the whole hog with the procrastination routine or the schedule-blaming and just stop entirely and then start curiosity another anew.

At this current moment, I'm trying desperately to learn a new programme. I remember when I was first trying to learn Photoshop, it was so full of effort but every thing I learnt proved so useful and pat-on-the-backish. Now every time I learn something, I smack myself on the knuckles for not doing it quicker and for it not looking as good as I want it to. Anu, my housemate, and me were talking about it and we asked, is it age that makes us want perfection a lot more, hence making learning a lot more difficult? I don't believe it's patience because by-gum, I had the patience of an ant when I was younger and this is probably the most patient I've ever been. That's not saying much about that virtue and me! What about priority? Maybe if this skill-requirement was indispensable for further scaling, it would have been easier. That may be it really. Necessity being the mother of real learning.

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