Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cutest thing that happened all week!

My housemate's mom is in town from the US. She's an absolute delight to have around and the stories about how she taught Anu (my housemate) when she was young is just fascinating. She's a teacher and an amazing one too!
Anyway, she's always stayed away from dogs, not out of fear though and I was all prepped to tempt Charlie away from her if and when he decided to get overtly excited with the new member of our household. And lo and behold, in a day, she went to the store and got herself some gloves because she just HAD to pet this little spoilt brat. Charlie was the first dog that she had ever petted in her entire life! Of course, Charlie sprawled across the floor, expectantly, with his usual air of knowledge that no one passes him without a scratch on his belly or pet on the forehead.

Anu was delighted and stunned to see her mom, not only stroking this little very spoilt boy but also her referring to him as 'kanna' (an affectionate , if I'm not mistaken, Tamilian word for 'dear') and her younger brother's pet name. He officially knows how to sit in Tamil now.

Charlie is now trying to convert her into a snuggling partner. That may take a while though.


  1. The illustration at the end was the Cutest thing I came across today...
    Great Blog.
    Keep Blogging.

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