Monday, May 18, 2015

Live the dream.

There have been hardships, major fuckups and a few times when the carpet was pulled from under my feet. Regardless, no matter how horrid times were and can be, I cannot be happier than I am today. I'm obsessed with trying to find out why and I can rightly say that a major part of it has to do with what I do for most part of my day and that is my job! Doing what I love is pretty much a dream come true and because I feel like a walking, talking emoticon smiley, I will have the words 'Live your dream' as my 2-cent advice to anyone who's willing to listen.
I made this poster and realised that it's best use would be if anyone or everyone who needed a reminder about their living pet-dream could print it on demand. So, here you go, if you please!
CLICK HERE for the freebie downloadable. (The link will open in a separate browser and you can right click, 'save as') And do show me if you do decide to pin it up next to your work desk, wrap up your friend's present with it or even frame it for your loo. Loo posters are most motivating!


  1. Super awesome Alicia. Keep living your dream and inspiring others to do so too :)

  2. Superb Alicia.. Love your works :D


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