Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Women's day and all.

Keeping this promise to write every night is getting hard especially since it's the time I least feel like writing. Anyway, today was a busy day with just a lot of the regular lovely, minus the fact that I tried making cutlets in the oven, which turned out terrible (Let me, this time, blame the fact that I had hungry stomachs around me and with only one electric stove, it's hard not to use other cooking sources, i.e., the oven). I forgot to mention about the day before when a chunk of the Myntra Team came over to surprise me with a product that was on my wishlist! It was super-duper sweet! I was on a conference call and thank god I put the call on hold before I actually opened the door to see a massive crew standing outside, cameras, lights and all. Felt a little 'reality-tv-ish', I must say. The bag they gave me was as lovely as it looked online and I shamelessly hugged it and now dread the video that will probably come out with my horrific expressions of mixed emotions.

Every year on Women's Day, I, of course, proudly high-five all the women around me and proclaim that even though everyone thought I was a boy before birth (they even picked a name, which I will causally leave out), I'm glad I turned out the opposite. I would have been a terrible boy. Anyway this year, I decided to salute all the men who've made me the best woman I hopefully, possibly can- My dad(Papa), my brother(Leopoldo), my son(Charlie or 'Stop-it' as he's called more often), all my boyfriends and men who've made my acquaintance. Here's to them, boys!


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