Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Biennale and blushes.

Today was a rather unpredictable day. I got up late as I got into town super late, and then just when I started working on the 'work for the day', my better half fell ill. It's a little daunting that everyone's first reaction, including mine, is questioning whether it's a quarantinable illness. Thankfully not. I realise how awkward I am in sickness states. With myself, I like to be alone in the corner, mopping with only myself. With others, I worry about being too sensitive versus insensitive. The nurses laughed as I looked like a ghost the minute a needle was in the vicinity and had to excuse myself every time. Anyway, all's ok.

In other news, on my return flight from Kochi, my name was called over the intercom during the flight, which I initially thought was because they read my mind about secretly always wanting to steal inflight magazines. The announcement was a lovely flight attendant who was a fan and handed me a chocolate, which of course is never a bad thing. Thank you Sindhu for making my flight!

Another lovely gift I got in Kochi was three memorable nostalgic foods/drinks that I brought up in conversation with other 'gulfie' kids. What a darling surprise to see it in real! Gosh, I cannot tell you how I'm controlling myself with these chips! If any of you'll pass through any gulf country, PLEASE try these. They are heaven food. (Thank you SO much, Jean, Georgi and Sumam.)

The Kochi-Muziris Biennale was lovely. We didn't get to see ALL the work but we did see quite a number. We had come in for three days but sadly one day got gulped with a (rather enjoyable) stay-home-day due to a bandh(strike) because of a new budget released or something on those lines. The state is known for that, it seems. Anyway, the fish painting that I worked on a few months back is in one of the venues called 'Mandalay Hall'. The display I had in mind was completely different but I was strapped for time(I can't even remember how long I had but it was carper-tunnel-inducing). Special thanks to Tony for giving me the space and Leeza for doing all the running around and giving me referecnes:)

Most of the artwork at the Biennale was amazing, of course, but some absolutely caught my fancy.
We started the whole exhibition with this video,and ofcourse, being Eames-related, totally made me swoon. Sigh. I'll leave you here.

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